Clarity 4D Personality Profiling & Awareness

Bellaton Consulting Group Limited - Clarity 4D Personality Profiling & Awareness

Program Outline

  • The four dimensions of personality awareness
  • Appreciation of people strengths and opportunities for development
  • Communication styles and preferences
  • Adapting and connecting for superior relationship building
  • Building relationships anchored on emotional intelligence
  • Building strong teams within the department
  • Embracing team strengths and managing liabilities
  • Maintaining good relationships with other departments so as to meet organization’s goals


Understanding more about ourselves and others enables us to prevent conflict, build more effective relationships, and be more flexible and adaptable. This fun and highly interactive workshop will introduce you to the concept of personality profiling, giving an insight into why people behave the way they do and how we can work more effectively with others.

Personality profiling is a journey of self-discovery. It enables us to identify our own strengths and challenges, what causes us stress or triggers conflict, and how we engage and respond to people around us. When we understand how we approach challenges or interact with different personalities, we are empowered with the knowledge and understanding to change that. Simply put, we have better self-awareness: and that creates better leaders.

If we extend personality profiling to employees and understand the different profiles, their needs, their strengths and their areas for development, we have access to the holy grail for any manager: a way to connect with and support our staff.

We can adapt our management style and interactions with individual employees to better engage with them and support them to achieve their goals. We can use techniques specific to that personality to maximise their success. We already know and understand that each and every employee is different; with personality profiling, we have proven, scientific strategies to manage them effectively.