High Powered Selling

Bellaton Consulting Group Limited - High Powered Selling

Program Outline

  • Selling skills that work in the 21 st century
  • The selling process: A critical look
  • Customer relationship management
  • Developing an attitude and aptitude per selling success
  • Effective prospecting skills and techniques: tailored by industry
  • Customer objections: an opportunity or an evil to be dreaded
  • Work habits of highly successful sales people
  • Closing techniques and referral leads generation
  • Emotional intelligence and selling
  • Communication and presentation techniques
  • Effective planning: a seven step process
  • Techniques and practices for personal motivation and success


Having trouble converting leads into sales? Or simply wish you were selling more? It could be a result of today’s savvy consumers, but just as likely, it’s your outdated techniques. As the modern consumer has learned how to block out sales, new sales training and techniques have emerged. The good news is: we can help create the salespeople of today, and tomorrow.

Our High Powered Selling courses will help you:

  • Build better relationships with leads
  • Create loyalty with your existing customers
  • Identify a prospect’s unmet needs
  • Better convert leads and prospects to sales

With this program, you’ll learn the secrets of high-performing salespeople and how to become one. You’ll get an insight into building relationships with prospects and learn to generate more leads, resulting in increased sales performance. That’s because we understand how enduring relationships lead to loyalty, which creates a lucrative sales pipeline — and that ultimately catapults you over your goals.