Performance Management

Bellaton Consulting Group Limited - Performance Management

Program Outline

  • The performance management concept and initiative
  • Securing management and employee buy-in for performance management
  • Goal setting and strategy formulation and target setting
  • Removing the obstacles to better performance
  • Ensuring employees can meet their own objectives
  • Ensuring employees can meet the organization’s objectives.
  • Identification of KPAs, KRAs, KPIs and KPMs
  • Performance feedback: managing the appraisal process
  • Performance management and employee growth and development


Employee performance management represents a critically important element in the running of a successful business of any type and in any sector. This training program is suitable for those looking to begin or further an existing career in any supervisory on management position, where people-management and operational-efficiency are key concerns.

Inspiring and motivating individuals to work to their full potential with any degree of consistency can be extremely challenging. What motivates one individual may have the opposite effect on another, which is precisely why honed and advanced employee performance management skills are of such enormous value in the modern workplace. Businesses at all levels are constantly on the lookout for those with the invaluable ability to monitor, analyse, review and respond accordingly to a variety of employee behaviours, in order to maximise motivation and efficiency.

Course content on this performance management course, incorporates an introduction to performance-management as a concept, along with professional performance reviews, employee training, setting standards and addressing performance problems. Successful candidates will find themselves equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to take their careers to the next level.