Personal Effectiveness

Bellaton Consulting Group Limited - Personal Effectiveness

Program Outline

  • Do you know you? Clarity 4D Personality Profiling. Know your personality preference, strengths, liabilities, team value, creative abilities and communication style
  • Leveraging on your strengths and personality preferences
  • Building value laden business, professional and personal relationships
  • Developing a paradigm shift for excellence
  • Purpose driven living
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Effective self and time management skills
  • Stress management: managing the challenge of stress


Personal effectiveness is a result of not just one thing, but of a combination of factors which all impact upon each other. Personal effectiveness is vital to strong business management.

This Personal Effectiveness training course is designed for those who seek to further develop the key skills and techniques needed to build personal impact, influence and effectiveness in dealings with others.

Who is Personal Effectiveness Training intended for?

This training course is aimed at those who:

  • Need to manage their time and priorities more effectively
  • Find it sometimes difficult to refuse requests and say ‘No’
  • Need to learn how to manage their emotions more effectively
  • Want to build their confidence in dealing with ‘difficult’ people
  • Need to persuade and influence others in order to achieve results
  • Wish to raise their own personal profile and impact