Personal Financial Management

Bellaton Consulting Group Limited - Personal Financial Management

Program Outline

  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • The need for financial management
  • Effective goal setting: a seven step approach
  • Identifying eventualities that must be planned for
  • Budgeting skills and techniques
  • Managing your personal finances for growth and prosperity
  • Debt management
  • Savings and investments options, techniques and practices
  • How to embrace personal financial discipline
  • Managing success: financial, career and societal
  • Building positive relationships with your finances


The objective is to equip the participant with necessary stock market theoretical and practical know-how so that students can apply the same in researching equity markets for wealth creation either directly or through indirect instruments. It introduces you to the process of how to find and analyse companies, determine the risk of a stock investment or trade, proper entry and exit time of the stock, understand why markets move the way they do, and helps you choose the capital market trading style for your personal goals using correct approach to financial planning. It shall also help the participants acquire the knowledge on process and products which are required to operate ethically and invest responsibly in the current highly regulated financial services markets.

This program will also help the participants to respond to the challenges posed by the changing nature of the financial products landscape. They will be trained on the process and steps of selecting stocks and investing in stock markets, by covering in-depth concepts of Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Derivatives and IPO markets, financial planning, features of various products involved in implementing the plan, like, mutual funds, life insurance, structured products, bonds debentures and debt funds, taxation of various investment products apart from financial planning calculations in MS-Excel. The course covers live market case studies and discussions closest to the real world.