Transformational Leadership

Bellaton Consulting Group Limited - Transformational Leadership

Program Outline

  • Leadership in the 21 st century
  • Leadership styles and applications
  • Emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Effective Leadership communication
  • Driving change and winning team support and ownership
  • Leadership development: coaching, mentorship and effective delegation skills
  • Managing for results: performance driven leadership
  • Translating this direction into actionable plans.


Are you ready to inspire people with a powerful vision?

To create positive energy, ignite passion, and foster a work environment that thrives on personal motivation, adaptability, collaboration, and accountability? This is what the transformational leadership course is all about. You challenge the status quo and become a conduit for sustainable success. You insist on collaboration and empower your people to become leaders themselves. In this program, you will build a clear roadmap that includes specific steps, techniques, and tools to make you the change agent. You change and others will follow. Get ready to assess your skills, master new strategies, and transform.

What You Will Benefit

  • Evaluating your organization’s predominant leadership style(s)
  • Exploring the transformational leadership skill set: 10 essential skills
  • Assessing your own transformational leadership skill level
  • Making adjustments and developing a process for enhancing your transformational leadership skills
  • Monitoring progress with milestones and metrics
  • Developing a process for adapting your team’s culture
  • Creating your cultural adjustment action plan