Jared Raburu

Jared Raburu

Managing Partner

Broad Profile

I am a performance and results driven human resources management professional with over twenty years of cross functional experience in Human Resource Management, Leadership and Administration gained from multi-sector organizations.

The exposure and practice at top level Human Resource (HR) Management profiles me into a strategic human resource leader, business partner, change agent, employee champion and an administrative expert.

My greatest strength reflects in my ability to blend HR best practices, strategies, systems, policies and structures to build distinctive capabilities and establish competitive age that guarantee results.

I am currently working at USIU-A (United States International University – Africa) as the Director, Administration overseeing Human Resources, Operations, Insurance Services, Health Services and Security & Investigation departments.

Work Experience

Director, Administration                              May 2016 – to date


The purpose of this role is to provide leadership and coordination of the   Human Resources function and oversee effective delivery of administrative services in Operations, Insurance, Health and Security departments. The job ensures flow of information throughout the Institution and adequate deployment of both human and material resources for the efficient delivery of learning and research activities in the university.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Innovate, design and review Human Resource and administrative strategies that are aligned to the institution’s (corporate) strategic direction. Build and institute suitable systems, procedures and processes to ensure effective delivery of the strategic objectives.
  • Lead the digital HR practice agenda to enhance management and employee interactions. Formulate, review and implement Human Resource and Administrative policies, procedures and processes to ensure that they embrace current trends and best practices.
  • Formulate long and short-term planning and needs assessment for the improvement of administrative and operational services.
  • Coordinate the planning and offer guidance to various technical and administrative studies, projects and review reports on the needs and accomplishment of such projects. Present the project outcomes to the management and University Council for suitable approvals and follow through on effective implementation of such projects.
  • Lead, arrange and manage all matters pertaining to Insurances in the university. Ensure provision of insurance cover for employees and students in the areas of health, group personal accident and group life. Liaise with the clinic team and oversee delivery of quality health services to all members of the university community.
  • Analyze and present reports on medical and general insurances to help management in making suitable decisions and for formulation of adequate policies and procedures.
  • Oversee effective claims management through timely and accurate incidents reporting and follow up for claims settlement.
  • Ensure formulation, establishment and implementation of the Institution’s risk management policy on all assets and employees of the university.
  • Oversee safe custody of all original copies of insurance policy documents.
  • Ensure effective sensitization of the university community on various insurance policies held by the institution.
  • Conduct research and deploy comparator analysis on insurance companies, current trends, practices. Initiate negotiations with insurers for suitable products, services and rates. Monitor trends and produce reports on mortality, accidents, sicknesses, disability, retirements, losses, damages etc. utilize the emerging data to guide management on suitable decisions.
  • Coordinate learning and development across the university. Oversee the review of training needs and ensure that effective imparting of skills and competencies to employees in line with the current and future requirements of the university.
  • Oversee all minor and major construction works / projects to ensure that they are done as per the defined standards and completed within set timelines.
  • Evaluates and reviews established policies and procedures consistently so as to address and cater for any changes that arise so as to achieve appropriate response to the diversity and inclusiveness needs of the Institution.
  • Oversee the effective and seamless management of change processes by adequately planning for the changes. Formulate the change agenda and build adequate structures for communicating and implementing change.
  • Handle employee relations matters by ensuring compliance with the Labour Laws, Human Resources policies, procedures, practices and related regulations. Handle employee disciplinary matters and offer advise to management accordingly.
  • Oversee the management of employee leave with a view to ensuring adherence to the leave policy. Constantly review the leave liability and ensure that it is remains at the acceptable levels in line with the leave uptake and carry over guidelines.
  • Review and implement best practices, measures and policies on Health services, Security & Investigation, and deployment of Eco-friendly approaches across the institution.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to all departments on Career Succession Management, HR Planning, Budgeting and optimum utilization of human and administrative resources.
  • Ensure maintenance of employee records and efficeinet management of communication on employee and administrative matters.
  • Oversee talent acquisition by deploying various search techniques with a view to ensuring that optimal staffing levels are maintained in all functions across the institution.
  • Build a performance culture by Implementing automation and review of the Performance Management System across the Institution. Undertake formulation of policies and programs that are aimed at driving the performance agenda.
  • Coordinate with the respective departments to ensure that jobs are regularly reviewed and evaluated to ensure that new aspects of the roles are incorporated and weights of the jobs are effectively determined and properly remunerated.
  • Provide leadership and guidance on remuneration and reward Management through constant reviews and comparator studies to appreciate current in trend practices. Propose to management and the university council on requisite reviews on employee pay and benefits.
  • Oversee the employee Payroll Management. In liaison with other departments, obtain reports that guide pay and statutory remittances to the relevant authorities.
  • Coordinate the administrative matters of the Staff Pensions Scheme by liaising with the appointed Scheme Administrator, Fund Manager and Scheme Investor. Ensure that all retirees cases are handled in line with the Deed Rules and the Retirement Benefits Authority regulations.
  • Maintain a constant liaison with Industrial, Governmental and other Service agencies as necessary to ensure that various functions of the university are well implemented.


Managing Partner.


Bellaton Consultants specializes in the area of Leadership Development, Management, Business Reorganization and Customer Service.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide Strategic and Operational policy direction to the management of various organizations with a view to attaining and retaining highly competent, motivated and productive workforce.
  • Provide outsourcing of HR and administrative services to organizations.
  • Carry out market surveys to determine organizational position with respect to meeting consumer trends, talent management, competitive advantage, remuneration packages as well as policy formulation and implementation.
  • Coordination of training function through liaising with departmental heads to analyze training needs thus ensuring that all staff receive relevant skills for the accomplishment of tasks and also to achieve overall organization excellence in quality Customer Service.
  • Develop and/or review of viable Human Resource policies in the areas of recruitment, deployment, retention, salary administration, medical/other welfare services, transfers, retirement, leave, training, performance management etc.
  • Offer guidance to management on labour issues especially in relation to the labour laws and regulations and union matters.
  • Monitor Organizational Performance and ensure that Performance Appraisal exercises are properly done and completed within set schedules.
  • Advise on Succession Plans, Career advancement and Leadership grooming and Development from existing organizational talent.


Director, Human Resources                         2012 – Nov 2014


Provide overall leadership in the best practice, management and development of the human capital within the Bank. Ensure a motivating work environment and provision of skilled and versatile workforce that guarantee results.

Key accountabilities include the following;

  • Establishing and maintaining effective and efficient administrative structure, systems, policies and procedures in the Bank and within the human resource Division to deliver on the goals and expectation of the stakeholders.
  • Align the human capital to the strategies of the Bank and Provide leadership to support the transformation programmes aimed at steering the Bank.
  • Develop and implement human resource best practices that manage exceptions and solve emerging challenges that would impact the Bank’s performance,
  • Lead the Bank’s learning and development agenda and provide guidance to the Learning Academy.
  • Continually steer the Bank into a performance culture by developing and implementing an effective and robust performance management system.
  • Oversee and ensure effective management of staff costs through budgetary and control mechanisms.
  • Manage and oversee the automation of various human resource processes and records as a basis of improving efficiency.
  • Establish and maintain an effective reward management system that attracts, motivates and maintain human resource that is capable of producing any level of results in the ever growing and competitive banking industry.
  • Create and maintain a harmonious working environment built on mutual trust, transparency through sound employee and industrial relation practices.
  • Lead and drive all the Bank’s change programs by defining change agenda and monitoring the change processes.
  • Establish organization structures and systems that resonate well with the business model of the Bank and to create efficiency.


Senior Manager, Resourcing and Human Resource Development 2008 – 2011.


Reporting to the Deputy MD – Support Services

Duties included;

My role involved managing the resourcing, organization development, change management programs and the entire administrative services of the HR function.

Key accountabilities included the following:

  • Develop and review the Bank’s recruitment and selection policies, procedures and processes including review of the related recruitment tools.
  • Develop HR plans, review the plans and control the staff complement;
  • Coordinate staffing needs, deployment and rotation as the business may demand;
  • Conduct job evaluation and review grading systems to be more robust and delivering to the business;
  • Manage the performance management process, develop and monitor staff productivity parameters and metrics from time to time;
  • Manage the Bank’s management development program, develop career succession plans and manage the Bank’s promotions and career advancement;
  • Coordinate the Bank’s talent and Leadership development program aimed at retaining “high fliers” within the Bank

Major achievements in the Bank

  • Successfully steered the change and transformation programmes to deliver the new look National Bank brand and institutional framework,
  • Progressively transformed the Bank from a lax culture to high performance culture where staff are paid for what they deliver through a performance management system
  • Built a policy framework and systems that that have streamlined the administrative processes.


Human Resources Business Partner (Coordinator)-Jan 2001- Oct. 2008


As a senior member of the management team, ensure effective value addition in formulation and managing of HR Strategy, Policies, Procedures, resourcing, performance management process, Welfare and all Industrial Relations issues pertaining to the Company on an international basis i.e. both local and Outstations.

Supervising 10 Team members and reporting to the Head of HR Operations – and operating under the HR philosophy of “partnership in change”, my key accountabilities included:

Developing and/or reviewing HR Policies and Procedures with a view to aligning them to Organizational strategy and ensuring that Controlling Managers are operating within the provisions of the same.

  • Researching, Developing, interpreting and administering employee Relation policies, procedures and processes to ensure promotion and maintenance of harmony within the Organization.
  • Take a first level role in counseling of staff and managers on various issues impacting staff relations.
  • Provide requisite advice and support to Line Managers and ensure regular adherence to the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), Staff rules and Labour Laws, and represents the Company in Courts and follow-up to ensure timely disposal of pending disputes both locally and in outstations.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of improved workflow processes and methods in consultation with the HR Director and other Managers.
  • Participates in the Collective Bargaining Negotiations with the Unions and ensures proper interpretation of the provisions of the Collective Bargaining
  • Regularly participates in the review of the Company’s human capital plans, recruitment and development programs aimed at achieving adequate staffing levels
  • Participate in the recruitment of staff both locally and in the outstations, ensuring that the Organization’s Policy is adhered to and in recognition of the laws of the various countries.
  • Research and advise Management on issues of compensation and benefits (reward systems) in line with the performance-based reward structures. In addition, administer the various Incentives, allowances, benefits and staff entitlements as per policy
  • Participate in the development and implementation of improved workflow processes and methods in consultation with the HR Director and other Managers.


Group Human Resources and Administration Manager      1997 to 2000

RYCE GROUP OF COMPANIES (A member of the Sameer Group)

Reporting to the Managing Director, my key responsibilities entailed:

  • Providing strategic and operational day to day policy direction to the Organization’s Management, with a view to attaining and retaining highly Qualified, Motivated and
  • Productive workforce to achieve overall Organization excellence in quality customer service;
  • Development and/or Review of Viable HR Policies in   the areas of Resourcing, Deployment, Salary Administration, Medical/other Welfare Services, transfers, Retirement, Leave, Training, Performance management etc. Co-ordination of training function – liaising with Head of Departments to identify/analyze training needs.  To constantly consult with various trainers on the Company training requirements and ensure that all staff receive relevant skills for the accomplishment of tasks;
  • To carry out analysis and participate effectively in Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Negotiations between the Association of Motor traders and the Amalgamated Union of Kenya Metal Workers;
  • Maintenance of liaison role in Industrial relation matters by duly advising Management on the pertinent areas of the CBA and implementing the provisions of the Collective Bargain Agreement.
  • Overseeing Payroll matters – by ensuring all members of staff are paid correctly and statutory payments are deducted and remitted to the relevant authorities;
  • Regularly review and evaluate various jobs in the Company to ensure that they are properly placed in the Company grading hierarchy and that they are correctly remunerated.
  • Regularly carry out Market Surveys on issues of salaries and general packages offered by various Organizations with a view to appreciating Company standing on matters of remuneration.  Ensure that Performance Appraisal Exercises are properly done and completed within schedule. Work out, tabulate and advise Management on staff qualifying for performance merit awards/ salary increments for Board deliberations.
  • Ensuring proper implementation of specific decisions as may be assigned by the Board of Directors from time to time.
  • Drawing up of Departmental Budget and presenting same for discussion and/or Approval and ensuring that all Departmental expenses are properly controlled and contained within approved limits.
  • Legal matters: – Liaising with the Company Lawyers and offering guidance to Management on all Legal issues.  Regularly representing the Company in Courts of Law and ensuring that all outstanding legal issues are disposed of expeditiously.
  • Coordinating all the office services functions by ensuring that all the office tools and equipment are at all times in serviceable order.  In addition, approve for payment of all office utilities e.g. telephone bills, water bills, electricity bills etc. Overseeing all security matters by ensuring all company property is properly guarded, all the security alarm systems are operational and that any un-toward circumstances are adequately dealt with.


Manpower Development Officer          1991 to 1997


Charged with co-ordination of overseas training for K.P. & T.C. staff, Supervising 3 staff and reporting to the Senior Manpower Development Officer, my major roles involved:

  • Liaison for local technical courses;
  • Offering local linkage services for I.T.U. regional office;
  • Organizing seminars/conferences for K.P. & T.C. staff;
  • Handling all correspondence in regard to the above;
  • Carrying out annual manpower audit;
  • Undertaking manpower forecasting and controlling staff establishment so as to establish annual manpower requirements
  • Handling management research projects in establishing and implementing reward strategies and procedures.
  • Carry out job description and job evaluation exercise as and when necessary and draft and/or update job descriptions accordingly.

Marketing Representative                  Dec 1990 to May 1991


Reporting to the Regional Manager, my duties included:

  • Selling transport services for perishables, fragile and non-fragile goods/items liaising with clients.
  •  Day to day collections and deliveries
  •  Undertaking credit control aspects (debt collection).
  •  Assisting the Regional Manager in the overall coordination of company activities within the region





Diploma in Training & Development, International Air Travel Association (IATA) Training     (Awaiting 1 Unit to complete)

Trained on Human Resources Management and Development at the Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI) in Arusha – Tanzania

In house training on Job Evaluation, Job Analysis and writing Job Descriptions

Trained and certified by IATA in Managing Peoples Performance-A Training of Trainers Program. Trained in Competency Based Interviewing Skills –identifying high performers for the organization- a programme conducted by M/s Career Connection International

Trained in Peak Performance and Team Building Strategies-Training conducted by M/s. Peak Performance International for all Kenya Airways managers.

Pre-University National Youth Service (N.Y.S.) training, At NYS training camp – Gilgil

Trained and internationally certified presentation/ facilitation skills by Human Capital Corporation, in Seychelles. In-house training on Organisation and Methods (O & M), the role of O & M and O & M Research Techniques

  • Member, Institute of Human Resource- The professional and regulatory body for human resource practitioners
  • Deputy Chairman, Institute of Bankers- Kenya (KIB)

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